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Thread: good dip nets locally

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    good dip nets locally

    Hi everyone,

    Since I got into natives earlier this year I've went through two dip nets. The plastic, retractable Frabill nets seemed ideal at first for us poor truckless souls, but it wasn't long before the wedge that holds the net in place wore down, resulting in it collapsing under only modest pressure. I then tried an aluminum net from Academy that worked quite well until last weekend when it broke as I pulled it through some brush.

    With that in mind, have you all found any sturdy nets for sale locally? I know there are online retailers that make solid ones, but I'd prefer to keep my money local and avoid S&H.

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    If You know any swimming pool service techs or cleaner people, nose around to see what they use. They have access to some pretty durable nets, and telescoping poles that can go
    from 4 to 8 ft or as much as 8 to 15 ft. They probably can get some very tough nets with durable rims that can take a LOT of abuse. Thats what I use. I have never seen anyrthing on
    the internet that is better than a Nycon model 820N or 830N . These are made for professional use and they are NOT cheap. Even wholesale they are from 20 to 35 dollars. I carry one
    of each and telescopic poles that reachfrom 8 to 15 ft. These have a quick disconnect so you can change nets easily and don't have to keep them assembled wherever you go.
    I guess that without a truck you would probably have to settle for the shorter pole but it's still extendable up to 8 ft. , but that's better than you can normally find anywhere else.
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    thats an awesome suggestion, i would not have thought of swimming pool nets, i was using a pond net (and still am lol)
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    Im salvadoean american and in El salvador we use nets that are made from a thread thats really long lasting and really flexible. Sometimes you can find them here in stores that import salvadorean products. They come in different sizes and colors. We use them over there for catching cichlids, big mollies and whatever else gets caught in there.

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