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Thread: R.I.P. Monica, How do you feel???

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    Re: R.I.P. Monica, How do you feel???

    I agree I have seen a lot of riders that ride like they are invincible.....I know the times I have ridden I felt that I controlled the road....but then again I drive like that regardless.
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    Re: R.I.P. Monica, How do you feel???

    My condolences for your loss.

    I don't drive a street bike because I know I would die.

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    Re: R.I.P. Monica, How do you feel???

    I too WAS a ocassional biker, but sold my shadow shortly after moving to Houston. I felt uncomfortable with the way they drive here.

    I like to tell my loved ones and freinds back home in California, ¬*".....the folks here in Houston are really nice, but something happens to them when they get behind the wheel of their cars, they seem to be on a mission or something, and you had better get out of their way......"

    They laff when I tell them that......but it's true in my opinion......NOT meant to be rude, just the way I see it coming from a lifetime of driving in California, there is a huge difference in the way Houstonians drive here, and I wish more texans here pay attention to that sign....Drive Friendly


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    I know that I am bumming up an old thread but really wanted to put my thoughts here. I have seen too many accidents as my brother was working for a DUI lawyer. I really donít understand why so many people donít put any price to their lives.

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