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Thread: Make your own chlorine remover

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    Make your own chlorine remover

    Chlorine Neutralizer

    Sodium Thiosulfate, Na2S2O3, is a colorless crystalline compound,
    also called sodium hyposulfite or "hypo".
    It is soluble in water and is a mild reducing agent.
    The crystals will keep for several years if kept dry.

    To make De-chlorinator concentrate
    Mix 1 tablespoon of Sodium Thiosulfate in a pint (8 oz) of Water.
    This makes the equivalent of Zip Drops
    Add one drop of the solution to each gallon of water to remove 3.75ppm chlorine.
    The shelf life of the solution is about six months when stored in a cool location.

    This can be used to rinse decapsulated brine shrimp eggs before feeding or aquarium accessories that have been cleaned with bleach.

    Thiosulfate will break the bond in Chloramine between the Chlorine and the Ammonia,
    and it binds Chlorine and most heavy trace metals.
    The ammonia which is left behind should be in nominal amounts.
    However, you should test the ammonia level in your tap water after treating it.
    Ammonia test kits may give false readings if there is excessive amounts of Hypo in the tested sample.

    A high level of ammonia is toxic to bettas. Symptoms include:
    Increased mucus layer on fishes mucus membrane, Swollen gills, Fin rot,
    Flicking against hard surfaces, Gasping at the surface of the water,
    Inability of fish to maintain its balance in the water.

    For a sample packet (tablespoon) of Sodium Thiosulfate,
    Send one dolar and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:
    J.R. Baker
    930 13th Ave N.
    Texas City, TX. 77590

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    Re: Make your own chlorine remover

    If I remember reading the Army Corps of Engineer's research on Chloramine correctly, they said to break the bond you need twice the Sodium Thiosulfate over just breaking simple chlorine. There are two chlorines to one ammonia in chloramine as apposed to the single chlorine.

    As I think they said something about using active carbon to filter out the extra ammonia leftover. I'll see if i can find that research again.

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