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  1. Thieves Steal Money From Donation Boxes In Zejtun Parish Church

    See 19 photos from 22 visitors to Zejtun Parish Church. Nowadays many of these still stand, notably St Catherine's Parish Church, which was initially constructed within the twelfth century and St Gregory's church, famous for being one of the first constructed after Saracen rule. The Statue of St Catherine and its pedestal were restored during the past yr and were brought again to Zejtun on the 4th of June 2005 in time for the Centenary Celebrations.Though ...
  2. Best Food For Betta Fish

    In the post below I'll go over all of the different types of food a betta fish typically enjoys and those are the most readily useful.

    5 Best Types Of Betta Fish Food

    1 ) Floating Pellets are probably the most frequent Betta food used and considered a staple, meaning this is what your primary food source will be.

    There are lots of pellet sizes and brands available so choosing the high-quality Betta pellet is vital. Always browse the ingredients and choose ...
  3. Go Right With Your Law Suits

    V.P. Joe Biden. With a least a gaffe a day this person makes former V.P. Dan Quayle look like a political genius. When he was selected, and Quayle was a inexperienced and very young Senator. Biden, on the other hand, has actually spent his whole profession in the Senate. Sort of makes one shiver.[img] 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;">If you think in a female's right to select it is vital that you support Barack ...
  4. Clown Fish Facts Not Everybody Know

    Clownfish is a little marine fish which gained global popularity after appearing in the animated movie "Finding Nemo" and Clownfish lives in the warm water, near the coral reefs. Luckily, the population of clownfish in the wild is still large and stable.

    Here Clownfish Facts Not Everybody Know

    1.Interesting fact about clownfish is that all eggs hatch as males. If the female in the group dies, dominant male undergoes the sex change and becomes female.
  5. Livestock and LR

    Quote Originally Posted by jmhmanuel10 View Post
    Large blue tang $80
    yellow tang $25

    clown fish $15

    3 damsels for all $8

    Large shelf rock with 30+brown polyps $35

    Long tonga branch with green mushroom $25

    green zoas 10+ heads Iím long rock $20

    150lb of mixed LR(Tonga branches , pukani and pula I shelf rock )$2 a pound
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