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  1. Best Food For Betta Fish

    In the post below I'll go over all of the different types of food a betta fish typically enjoys and those are the most readily useful.

    5 Best Types Of Betta Fish Food

    1 ) Floating Pellets are probably the most frequent Betta food used and considered a staple, meaning this is what your primary food source will be.

    There are lots of pellet sizes and brands available so choosing the high-quality Betta pellet is vital. Always browse the ingredients and choose ...
  2. My Years of Taking Care of Bettas Written into an Article - I got Bored haha

    Female Bettas usually present no real problem because you can keep them together in one large tank with filtration, plants and a heater. They can also get along with many other types of community aquarium fish. Remember not to overload the tank. About an inch of fish per gallon is still a good rule of thumb.


    Feeding your Betta is easy. A good quality flake like Omega is a good base. Give live brine shrimp and wingless fruit flies, (sold here), ...
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