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05-01-2008, 10:34 AM
Hey guys~
So I have come to notice that I might have an outbreak of ick....I dont really know why since I am constantly checking there water conditions and changing water...I use betta condtioner etc....I use ick away, then it goes away but it seems to come back stronger the next time around....its weird. At first it was in one tank only, but now its in 4 tanks....I have washed everything throughly etc......any ideas....Thanks!

05-01-2008, 11:34 AM
I'm by no means an expert, but it does seem odd to hear of this because it's a betta....every betta I have ever had, including torch, who sits in my office with me, has been viritually bullet proof. I've never had any health issues with them, I don't make any fuss over them, just change his water once a week and feed him sparinly 3 x's a day.

Sorry I can't offer any useful info here.....good luck with him....


05-01-2008, 11:58 AM
try adding a 1 tsp non-iodized salt to a gallon of new water when you do your water changes.

Healthy fish can usually fight of ick without a problem. *Sickley (weakened) fish have a hard time defending against it.
Look for things that could be "stressing" your fish.

When using meds on your fish be sure you follow all the instructions carefully and treat for the full duration recomended.