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09-13-2006, 05:05 PM
found some pictures from my younger years when i was really into bettas and breeding them. back then i didnt really care about full strain or super show quality i just new i had something out of the ordinary and i wanted to breed them. this is some pictures of a crowntail i got to breed with a black female(forgot the term for it but it starts with a M). i had crowntails, butterfly or doubletail, monster palkats and doubletail plakats.

sorry if the picture quality isnt good but please keep in mind this was some years ago.


09-13-2006, 06:28 PM
Yes, the blacks were called Melano. *The Melano Females are sterle when bred to a Melano male - there eggs would not hatch. * So to keep the line going, they were bred to another color (usually steal blue) and then the blue offspring were bread back to the melanos. * *We also have black marbles bettas which are a lighter shade of black but are fertle.
Recent the two have been crossed creating a double black that is as dark as black mollies and fertle.

Great spawn pictures.

09-14-2006, 07:51 AM
Great pictures! That's one big bubble nest he's got there. It's really interesting to see the spawning setup. I'm trying to figure it out...what is that on the surface of the water? Is it there to keep the bubble nest in place? At first I thought it was the top portion of a 2-liter bottle, but then I realized it was square...

And wow, Phish, I would love to see one of those double blacks. Sounds beautiful.

09-14-2006, 12:09 PM
Mzungu, it looks like a styrofoam cup cut in half to me.


09-14-2006, 03:33 PM
The bubble nest is held together by a foam cup cut in half, that's what you are seeing in the corner.

09-14-2006, 07:45 PM
Theree were about 6 double blacks at the BettaHabari auction
but none of them came home with me.
I believe Richard Smart has already been successful breeding a pair of them.

09-14-2006, 10:51 PM
not sure if you meant the bubble nest or the glass in which the female is in but the nest is a foam cup cup in half from top to bottom and the one housing the female is hurricane lamp glass i got from home depot.

i would like to make it to the next meet or show to see some of the bettas that are there but lately life has been busy so i dont have much time to myself and when i do its late at night(actually really early in the morning).

09-15-2006, 08:59 AM
OOH! Okay, thanks Ellen and eklikewhoa.

09-15-2006, 02:31 PM
Very cool pics! *I adore crowntails! *I use to be very much into bettas too though I never tried breeding them. *The fact that all of the males had to be seperated had a lot to do with it.

09-15-2006, 03:12 PM
at the time of those pictures i had a homemade bookshelf that housed lots and lots of males along with two breeder tanks, a aging tank and multiple brine shrimp hatcheries.

water changes become a chore.

09-15-2006, 03:44 PM
That's why I only did it for a short while also. When the fish become a chore, they're just not worth it to me...