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  1. New Importer from Texas...thecichlidsplce
  2. BIG thank you!
  3. New List for next import
  4. Vid of WC Frontosa Blue Zaire Tembwe
  5. Buy your Repashy Super Foods from thecichlidsplace
  6. New Import has arrived
  7. 20 WC Tropheus Ikola (5males:15females)...$600
  8. Rene has DONE it again - Painless order/Super Quality/Super easy to talk to
  9. Thank you Rene
  10. Anyone looking for WC Tropheus Chipimbi...
  11. WC Tropheus illangi...there can be only 1
  12. 40 WC Tropheus Kalambo $24each sold in pairs/trios
  13. Vid of Tropheus Malagarasi...Group for sale...6m:12f
  14. THANK YOU Rene for a bunch of great looking ikola/black calvus/Yungu green
  15. Eretmodus Mabilibili
  16. Bad Experience with The Cichlids Place
  17. Great Experience: Ilangi trophs
  18. Whats available for sale as of 4/8/2013
  19. Vid of Tropheus Kalemie feeding on Repashy Super Food "super green"
  20. Vid of Tropheus Kalambo
  21. TOP NOTCH Experience with Rene!
  22. Tropheus Mtoto...
  23. New WC Petro Red Bulu Group
  24. Vid of Tropheus Mtoto
  25. WC Tropheus Kapampa
  26. Videos of some of the fish from last import (2weeks ago)
  27. FS: F1 Petrochromis Red Bulu Point 3"
  28. WC Tropheus Ikola/ WC Trio of Petrochromis Trewavesae
  29. WC Tropheus Brichardi "Kalemie"
  30. WC Tropheus ikola, red rainbow, katonga etc...$25each...Ratio is Trio in a box
  31. 1-1.5" Tropheus Red Bishop Fry ...HOT HOT HOT
  32. Vid Tropheus Mpulungu Kasakalawe
  33. Excellent Experience with Rene
  34. Vid of Tropheus Chisanze
  36. Fish Available for End of Month Import...
  37. Get you petro...petro sale
  38. Awesome fish food at great prices
  39. Vid of WC Tropheus Chisanze
  40. VId of WC Tropheus Namansi Red Breeding
  41. Tropheus Mpulungu "Moops 500+ Like" Auction
  42. 29 WC Tropheus Brichardi "Ulwile"
  43. Pics of new Trophs from Rene
  44. My young WC group of Tropheus sp.Black Kiriza from Rene
  45. Tropheus Ubwari From Rene
  46. 780g, 12ftx34"x37" complete for sale...$5000 or best offer
  47. Make an offer for pettro red, kazumbe and flametail...as a group...
  48. 2males:10females Petro Kazumbe ..make an offer...ready to ship
  49. Petrochromis Trewavesae